OERC Group
  • Marine Engineering Class 3 (MEC3) Course: OERC Group has entered into collaboration with International Maritime Institute of New Zealand (IMINZ), whereby part of the course would be conducted at OERC premises at Mumbai and the rest at IMINZ campus at Nelson, New Zealand. This will reduce candidates course fees to be paid to IMINZ at New Land and will also get them a rebate of 5 weeks in the course duration, thus saving on boarding and lodging expenses as well. The following Modules will be conducted at OERC, Mumbai:
    • General Engineering Science 1
    • General Engineering Science 2
    The course duration is 6 weeks. Please contact OERC for bookings and Course details.
    The assessment for these modules would be carried out at ININZ, New Zealand when the candidates go there for joining the MEC3 course.
  • Pre-Preparatory Course for Engine Ratings intending to enroll for MEC3 course at IMINZ: Many Engine Ratings have the required sea-time and are eligible for attending the Marine Engineering Class- 3 training course and then obtaining their MEC3 Certificate of Competency. However they sometimes need additional training to bring them to a level same as other participants in the MEC3 course. Otherwise they lag behind or have to repeat the course. This can be quite expensive. OERC Group has started a 'Pre-Preparatory Course' for such candidates intending to join the MEC3 course at IMINZ. This course will cover subjects like Mathematics, Science, Basic Marine Engineering, Soft skills.
    The Course duration is 6 weeks. Please contact OERC for Bookings and course details. The course can be tailored to meet special requirements of the student group attending the course.