OERC Group

What OERC has achieved in the present can only be called an humble beginning.

Our vision of the future is towards an exponential increase in the quality and quantity of imparted knowledge.

OERC Group intends to start in the immediate future courses like:

  • Advanced Fire Fighting
  • High Voltage Safety Training
  • MEO Class-I Preparatory Course
  • Engine Room simulator Course

OERC Group shall soon be starting Pre-Sea courses

OERC Group also is in talks to conduct Courses in India, in collaboration with NMIT, New Zealand.

OERC also plans to conduct MCA approved training courses in India.

OERC has applied for conducting Panama maritime administration approved training courses in India

OERC intends to soon commence Post Graduate programmes and Research fellowship programmes in the following disciplines:

  • Port Operations, Terminal management
  • Shipping and Logistics
  • Ship Management and Ship Operations
  • Ship Superintendence
  • Maritime Law