• COLLABORATION WITH IMINZ, NMIT, NEW ZEALAND: OERC Group has entered into collaboration with the 'International Maritime Institute of New Zealand (IMINZ), a part of the 'Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology' (NMIT), a NZ Government funded institute. NMIT is a high quality tertiary education provider. IMINZ is a leading provider of training for the fishing, maritime transport and maritime tourism industries. IMINZ offers an extensive range of maritime licenses and short courses training to STCW standards. OERC Group, in collaboration with IMINZ, conducts training for engineering cadets and engineering ratings that meets course learning outcomes for the Workshop Skills, Mathematics, Thermodynamics and Mechanics Courses within the NMIT Marine Engineering Class 3 programme. This training is carried out at the OERC premises at Mumbai, India. RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) assessment of this training is carried out at ININZ, New Zealand. Candidates joining this training can then get rebate on the course fees to be paid in New Zealand and can join the batch 5 weeks after the due date. OERC Group can also provide Pre-Preparatory courses for interested engineering ratings to prepare them better for enrolling with IMINZ for their MEC3 programme.
    OERC Group will also be in position to act as authorised centre for IMINZ or its affiliates:
    1. For counselling candidates interested in maritime programmes of study at IMINZ.
    2. To advertise and attract the prospective students for these programmes
    3. To process the formalities and the students' eligibility for the programmes
    4. To send these and other interested candidates to IMINZ for undergoing their respective maritime courses.
    It is also planned to start Pre-Sea courses for training engineering ratings, deck ratings, navigating officers and engineering cadets, in collaboration with NMIT under affiliation / approval from Maritime New Zealand (MNZ). The training and learning outcomes will be as per New Zealand standards. The entire Pre-Sea Course will be conducted at OERC, Mumbai. The students would then gain the required sea-time and then attend IMINZ to complete their qualifications.

  • COLLOBORATION FOR STCW TRAINING AT NEPAL OERC Group is in advanced talks with a leading organisation in Nepal to conduct STCW courses at Kathmandu. Nepal.