Instructions and Policies

AA) Rules for Course Booking & payment

  1. 1. Course Booking will be confirmed once payment is successfully done
  2. 2. Once the course is booked, you cannot change the date. Course can be extended for maximum one year.
  3. 3. If amount is debited from your account and course is not booked, then contact institute
  4. 4. Reporting time on the first day of course is 09:15 hours, candidate reporting late shall not be admitted for the course.
  5. 5. You need to report with fee receipt copy on institute and get registered your finger print on institute’s biometric attendance system
  6. 6. 100% Attendance is mandatory for successful completion of course. If you are not present on any day the course, certificate will not be issued.
  7. 7. Re-issue of Certificate due to any reason, institute shall charge Rs. 300.00(Rupees Three Hundred only)

BB) Rules for Cancellation & Refund of Fees

  1. 1. Fee / Booking amount paid is for the specific course only, cannot be adjusted against any other course.
  2. 2. If you cancel your booking atleast 15 Days prior commencement of the course a refund of 75% (Seventy Five percent ) is Applicable.
  3. 3. If cancelling within10-15 Days prior commencement of course a refund of 50% (Fifty) is Applicable.
  4. 4. If cancelling within 5-10 Days prior commencement of course a refund of 25% (Twenty Five percent) is Applicable.
  5. 5. The above is entertained on written request only, including Email requests.
  6. 6. No refund is applicable if cancelling within 5 days before commencement of the course.


  1. 1. For Instructions for online classes See Below.
  2. 2. For Any Technical or Transaction Support, send mail to
    - SIGNATURE, and


  1. Please note the following instructions carefully for smooth and successful completion of your online course.
  2. Step 1: Read these instructions very carefully.
  3. Step 2: Document Uploading Form Document Uploading Form will be sent to you by a separate email one day before the course. Once received please complete the form carefully along with all uploads, as far as possible by 1800 hrs one the day before the course commencement date.
  4. Step 3: Preparation
  5. a. Click to Complete the DG Shipping office’s “Digital Readiness Confirmation Form QSPP/DR/CF/STU/003/v1.0
  6. b. Please visit the following link and go through the DG Shipping order number “20 of 2020” regarding Virtual classes.
  7. Pay special attention to “Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Instructions to Candidate on EXIT Examination”. Please ensure proper Lighting and blank backdrop during exit Exam.
  8. In case you are coming as ‘unauthorised’ please send email to mentioning
  9. 1. Indos Number
  10. 2. Name of course attended online at OERC.
  11. 3. Date of Course attended at OERC.
  12. 4. Attach Passport Size Photograph.
  13. For Any other technical support contact
  14. c. The sessions will be conducted online via our acquired software, the link for which will be sent to you alongwith login instructions. Please follow the instructions given therein.You can access the sessions by using your Laptop or Desktop Computers. Your Smartphone can also be used. Our software works better with CHROME Browser.
  15. d. The class can be accessed by authorized candidates only for which you will be sent a Link one day before the class starts.
  16. If you have not received the link till atleast 1 Hour before the commencement of the course, please contact our technical support, Mr. Mahendra Shelar.
  17. e. Please make sure that you have arrangement of high speed internet connection and power backup. Connection should be as per the declaration in point number “a” above.
  18. Step 4: Attending the class
  19. For the first session of the day, please log in at least 10 min before start time and log in well before time for other sessions. Under exceptional circumstances, you may be allowed entry only within 10 minutes after the session starts, depending on the instructor’s discretion.
  20. Class timings: 0930 Hrs to 1700 Hrs (With Lunch Break from 1245-1345 Hrs), Login 10 minutes before the start of the session to avoid any technical inconvenience.
  21. Attendance and Terms.
  22. 1. Attending all the sessions is compulsory. Though, the complete session will be recorded, an attendance will be recorded by your voice and video at the beginning of every session. Make sure your Mike and Camera is switched on.
  23. 2. Failure to register your attendance in any one of the sessions will lead to your disqualification from the course. No request will be entertained in this regard.
  24. 3. No leave is authorized for the full duration of the course. If you have already started a course and are unable to attend any class or to continue the course you will be withdrawn from the course. No appeal will be entertained in this respect.
  25. 4. The instructor will inform you once the attendance is complete, kindly switch off your microphones to mute (to reduce interference) for the rest of the session unless you want to speak.
  26. 5. The College reserves the rights to resechedule the courses due to technical issues or Insufficient number of candidates, and students will be allotted seats on the next available date, Or credit note of the fees will be issued (This can be utilized by the students for booking other courses at OERC).
  27. Conduct during the class
  28. Do not engage in conversation with other participants unless asked by your instructor. Please dress up appropriately and make sure that your background is appropriate for public view.
  29. As far as possible, sit in a quiet, well lit place away from any disturbance. Avoid any direct light falling on the camera.
  30. Keep some drinking water with you. Do not eat in between any session.
  31. Utilize the breaks wisely so that you don’t have to leave the session in between.
  32. Sit in an upright posture throughout the session. Please keep sitting at the same place for the entire session and do not move around.
  33. Step 5: After the course
  34. 1. Please complete the Feedback
  35. 2. Attend E-learning programe on DGS site if not already attended.
  36. 3. Attend the online Exit-Exam on DGS site. Between 2 to 5 pm, next day after the completion of your course. Click the link below to watch a video for more information:
  37. For any support, please mail with cc to


  1. 1. Candidates should comply with the course entry standards.
  2. 2. For fresh candidates, 10th Pass certificates is a must.
  3. 3. All relevant Documents must be carried by all candidates and originals will be sighted up on request including passport size photographs.
  4. 4. On line information provided by the candidates must be treated as correct, However any changes thereafter should be brought to the notice of principal/ vice principal at the earliest for necessary action.


  1. 1. The OERC Academy respects your right to privacy.
  2. 2. When you visit the OERC Website or book courses online, the following information may be collected from you, either voluntarily or involuntarily:
  3. 3. Your computer or network IP address, which must be validated in order for you to access the OERC Website; Your e-mail address and message when you communicate electronically with us; Information about your visit is gathered in an aggregate manner for quality control, security and improvement of our site.
  4. 4. Your information is kept confidential, unaltered, and used only by OERC, to administer your request.
  5. 5. OERC Academy may change this policy from time to time by updating this page. You should check this page from time to time to ensure that you are satisfied with any changes.
  6. 6. We may collect information regarding the candidate, the candidate’s contact information, email and mobile number, and other demographic information.
  7. 7. We require this information to understand your needs and provide you with a better service, and in particular for the following reasons:
  8. a) Internal record keeping.
  9. b) We may use the information to improve our services.
  10. 8. OERC Academy does not disclose or sell any personally identifiable information collected at our website to other companies or organizations.